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Tips for Finding a Chiropractor

Selecting the best chiropractic can be a little bit daunting especially in an era where there is a myriad of philosophical techniques. The chiropractic treatment is a physical procedure and therefore, one should select the best doctor and ask the necessary questions beforehand. The following are a few red flags for your selection.   Consider […]

A Winning Taste of Vietnam

There is something about eating a dish at home, and then getting to enjoy it in its country of origin that is truly delicious. Having the golden opportunity to dine with locals was what made Mirra Fine’s food experiences special and that led to an incredible short film, A Taste of Vietnam… “I first tried […]

Solo in Sydney | Thoughts on Travel and Life

It’s been quite an eventful year so far of being there for new friends and figuring out what’s next. Before the fireworks on NYE, Svenja started feeling a bit ill, and by new year’s day, was doubled over in pain from stomach cramps. She ended up passing out, and we had to call an ambulance […]

Organic Green Coffee and Its Health Properties

Coffee is the drink of the gods for many sleepy people in the morning. It gets them going full steam ahead when they would rather go back to bed. What about an alternative to your regular coffee? Have you thought about green coffee? In this day and age, everyone is discussing how they can help […]

Diabetes and Hypertension | Health and Fitness For All

Diabetes and hypertension are major health threats to individuals throughout the entire world. The World Health Organization has declared that the largest number of diabetics in the world will be located in India. At this time there are over 17 million individuals who have diabetes in the United States alone. Screening for these two particular […]